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Joyeux 150ième Anniversaire les Chorégies d'Orange!

This amazing Festival is 150 years old this year. As you know I am from Orange myself, and this festival brought me access to the most amazing singers, I used to climb the trees that you see on this photo to watch the greatest Sopranos of my time, I learnt everything I know from them, these evenings will stay in my mind forever. I remember most vividly Georghiu's Juliette, Marguerite and Mimi, Inva Mula's Traviata, Monzon's Carmen, Jayo's Butterfly, Rachvelishvili's Amneris and more recently Nadine Sierra in Gilda.

If you have never had the chance to go please book your tickets right away you will not be disappointed just remember to bring with you: a bottle of water, a fan and what we call a "Sous-cul"(a little cushion for you bottom) because you will sit directly on the antic stone that has been nicely storing the provencal heat all day...

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